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Girl on Fire: A Podcast for Women Who Want to Ignite Their Passion

By contrast, Charley Rogulewski from Vibe said it was "Keys who stands out on the track. [She] lays down powerful and flawless vocals over her trademark piano punches and a trash-can-lid beat."[13] Erin Thompson from Seattle Weekly praised Keys' on the song for making the "often cheesy" girl-power theme seem "genuinely stirring and elegant", commenting that "only Alicia Keys could do it". Describing the chorus of the song, Thompson said "it booms with thudding drums as her drawn-out notes soar on top. It's heavily bombastic, but the drama of it makes it memorable, and the hooky melody is beautiful and exhilarating. Keys seems to have to set out to make a statement song about power, and it's undeniable that she's succeeded in that".[7] Speaking of the song's inferno remix, Idolator's Carl Williot agreed with previous reviewers particularly noting Keys' vocals, using term "trademark soaring vocals" to describe Keys' performance on the song.[9]

girl on fire

The Blue Springs Police Department's Community and Youth Outreach Unit is offering a free, week-long program for girls in grades 6th through 12th for residents or students of the Blue Springs School District.

The Girls on Fire Camp addresses the unique set of challenges facing young girls by encouraging healthy relationships, discipline, self-esteem, and health and wellness. During the camp, teens will learn new skills in group environment, work together to practice these skills with team challenges and experience the importance of working together during course activities. Through a series of interactive presentations, girls will be introduced to concepts that will enhance confidence, self motivation and preparation to succeed at the next level in school or in life. Guest presenters include: female officers from the Blue Springs Police Department as well as other female leaders from the community.

On the first page of Girls on Fire, author Robin Wasserman asks us to imagine a group of teenage girls on a bus. "Give in: Pick a pair of them, lost in each other, a matched set like a vision out of the past," she writes. "Nobody special, two nobodies. Except that together, they're radioactive: together, they glow."

The two girls loathe Nikki, who hasn't become any nicer since her boyfriend, Craig, committed suicide on Halloween. "[Craig] was nothing to me, or less than," Hannah recalls, while Nikki, even in mourning, "only became more fully Nikki. Not purified but distilled: essence of bitch."

The Girls on Fire Summer Camp addresses the unique set of challenges facing young girls through a series of interactive presentations, physical fitness activities, and Team building sessions led by female leaders in the community.

After the release of The Element of Freedom, her fourth consecutive chart-topping and platinum studio release, Alicia Keys not only married Swizz Beatz and became a mother but stacked collaborations with Drake, Kanye West, Marsha Ambrosius, Jennifer Hudson, Emeli Sandé, and Miguel. The collaborative spirit continues all the way through Girl on Fire, an album sporting a list of around 20 co-composers and nearly a dozen co-producers. A small but significant portion of the album has Keys somewhere in the past, grappling with or sifting through a stifling relationship. That's the way the album begins, with the alternately reserved and cathartic ballad "Brand New Me," one of three songs written with Sandé: "You look surprised your words don't burn me anymore." Two of the better songs, both of which feature assistance from John Legend, immediately follow and are closer to Keys' personal breakthrough. The first one, "When It's All Over," is a gushing testimonial over a dizzying Jamie xx co-production -- a clash between acoustic jazz, synth funk, and minimal techno that will either thrill or repel. "Listen to Your Heart," the second one, is mechanical yet plush and dials it back for Keys to embrace new love; it's one of Rodney Jerkins' unassuming yet stunning beats. After a pair of bombastic anthems -- including the oddly written "Girl on Fire," which has her "living in a world, and it's on fire," then "on top of the world" with "both feet on the ground" and "our head in the clouds" -- the album loses its grip. It hits a low with "Not Even the King," an obvious "love is worth more than money" ballad, and "That's When I Knew," a tender back-porch ballad presumably about Mr. Keys. (If the mind wanders, consider that the object of affection is the man behind hits such as "Money, Cash, Hoes" and "It's Me B*#@hes.") Once "101," the last listed track, fades out, a chaotic outro fades in and peaks with Keys screaming, in a celebratory and defiant manner, "Hallelujah -- kicked down the door!" It ends the first chapter of her new life with several exclamation points, but it's missing one. The album could have used some swift and uplifting neo-disco like "Million Dollar Bill" or "Everybody Needs Love," exceptional songs that Keys and her husband wrote and produced for Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson.

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We continue to be excited that the Girl on Fire has become a popular "end of the season" tournament and has grown in team numbers over the years. The 2024 Girl on Fire Tournament will continue to be held over two separate weekends (8U- 12U 1st weekend & 14U- 19U 2nd weekend). We have enjoyed watching this tournament grow over the last 7 years and look forward to hosting your team for our 8th Annual tournament!! The 2023 Tournament weekends saw a total of 27 teams and over 330 girls participated! Games are tentatively scheduled to begin at 9am on Friday and finish by 5pm on Sunday (*** Local Teams may be required to play a game on Thursday evening depending on schedule ***).

The coming-of-age novel follows Lolo in her attempt to protect her city all while attending high school. This Black girl superhero not only shows her amazing abilities, but empowers Black children everywhere that it can all be done.


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