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WA Go APK: The Best Way to Enjoy WhatsApp on Your Android Device

Although APK downloads are available below to give you the choice, you should be aware that by installing that way you will not receive update notifications and it's a less secure way to download. We recommend that you install the F-Droid client and use that.

wa go apk

There is always a threat in using a Mod version of any App. Due to policy violations, you may end up getting banned on WhatsApp. The mod versions are more prone to be attacked by rouge and harass your private data. Therefore, I recommend you to use any less important number to have a less important conversion on these Apps.

WhatsApp Messenger is an end-to-end encrypted application for smartphones. There are several good features on WA which makes it the best messaging application but there are some limitations to the App like themes, stickers, color, and other features. Today I will talk about one of the best modified forked versions of WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp Go offers greater control of privacy and more functions for sending files. These are the two main functions offered by WhatsApp GO, a MOD which aims to give users greater control over the messages they send and receive. Users are able to control aspects like double ticks, viewing deleted messages, download big files, and hiding online status.

But these are not the only functions to be found by users of this MOD because they will also be able to adjust aspects of file-sending and increase the size of videos or the number of images that can be bulk sent. There is also a DND (Do Not Disturb) option for blocking all kinds of activity.

Despite being the most downloaded messaging and chat application in the whole world, WhatsApp does not keep all of its users equally satisfied and that is why a whole range of MODs has been developed. They are used to add all kinds of features and functions.

These are the two main functions offered by WhatsApp GO, a MOD which aims to give users greater control over the messages they send and receive. Users are able to control aspects like double ticks, viewing deleted messages, and hiding online status...

But these are not the only functions to be found by users of this MOD because they will also be able to adjust aspects of file-sending and increase the size of videos or the number of images that can be bulk sent. There is also a DND (Do Not Disturb) option for blocking all kinds of activity.

Unlike other similar apps, this one features the sobriety that is to be found in the original version of WhatsApp, so we can forget about tweaking interfaces, typography, and other things that many users consider to be of secondary importance when it comes to messaging.

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Indeed, WhatsApp Go wasn't working properly. However, we assure you that it does not have any virus. It is simply that the developers have released a new version and the file was outdated. If you download the new version, you will be able to install it without any problems. To remove the old one, all you have to do is delete the APK from your Downloads folder.

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Nowadays, WhatsApp has clamped down on different mod WhatsApp versions claiming its patent and copyright theft. Therefore, different mod WhatsApp users are facing temporary bans on their numbers. In some cases, permanent bans have also been observed, causing you to be devoid of operating WhatsApp with that number. Therefore, we recommend registering some less important phone numbers on your mod WhatsApp. Thus, you might not face much trouble if your phone number gets blocked.

The WhatsApp mod industry is expanding by leaps and bounds. You are not alone if you are looking for a cool WhatsApp mod version. Recently, a considerable faction of the WhatsApp community has been getting away with the official WhatsApp version. Rather they prefer the mod WhatsApp versions over ordinary WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp mod version is an antiban replication of WhatsApp developed by Soula, a famous developer. The latest version of WhatsApp Go is 0.23.5L B2, developed by Soula. Its developer is well-known for his Soula WhatsApp Lite, Gb WhatsApp Extreme, and WhatsApp X. However, these mods have stopped receiving any new updates from the developer. But this time, the developer has made his high-water mark with the groundbreaking launch of this WhatsApp mod version. Its recent update, 0.23.5L B2, has brought forward more stunning features than its old versions.

Suppose you want to forward a message to someone without letting them know the exact time and date it entailed. You can turn on the quirky feature that suppresses the time and date shown below the message. If used creatively, you can utilize it in many circumstances.

The most important thing is that its latest version has improved its antiban protection. In fact, all of the WhatsApp mod versions have a perennial threat of being banned by the official WhatsApp. The reason is that they are all the replications of WhatsApp. Thereby it can claim its intellectual property and copyrights. Still, some smart mod app developers develop unique and out-of-the-box features to create a vivid difference from the base WhatsApp. The same goes for WhatsApp Go, which has launched its antiban protection in its latest update.

If you find any options redundant or irrelevant, you can simply hide them to customize your WhatsApp. It enables you to hide multiple options. Such as you can hide the search icon, camera icon, DND icon, Update settings option, Starred Messages option, New Group option, Message option, Voice call option, View contact option, Mute/ Unmute Status option, Save /Copy Status option, Share Status option, New Broadcast option, Linked Devices option. You can use this customization option to embellish your WhatsApp interface however you want.

This mod version strengthens your privacy through different State-of-the-art features that might stun you. To name a few, The blue tick control, Anti view once, Anti view status, and freeze last seen are the features that can make your e-life more resilient and aware. You can keep yourself incognito while fetching more whereabouts of other WhatsApp users using these quirky features. For more privacy features visit ABWhatsApp & King WhatsApp.

You can benefit from this WhatsApp to level up your business if you are running a business. For instance, you can manage your customer care with your WhatsApp business account on WhatsApp Go. You can enable auto-responder messages so that whenever a new prospect comes to you, your WhatsApp greets them with the official templates you saved. You can also message unknown numbers that you can use for your cold audience pitching. Overall, WhatsApp has various aspects you can use to supercharge your business.

Nothing is perfect. Whereas the precious thing is your intention to improve. The same goes for the developers of this amazing WhatsApp version. Based on the user feedback, the developers picked up the recurrent criticism to notify the key flaws in their version. In its latest version in 2023, they have developed some improvements to optimize your best user experience.

WhatsApp GO is an amazing, feature-rich WhatsApp mod that you cannot deny due to its high demand among users. It has been in use for a considerable period, starting from version 2.22.10L as the initial release, which you may be familiar with if you were an early user. It has subsequently undergone upgrades, progressing through versions 2.22.10L Fix 2, 2.22.12L, 2.23.0L, 0.23.2L, 0.23.4L, 0.23.5L, and now it is available in its latest and most up-to-date version, v0.23.5L B2, developed by Soula based on

This WhatsApp mod also operates on your PC now. But for that, you first need an emulator. Preferably you can download the BlueStacks emulator for that. You can follow the following steps to launch your WhatsApp on PC:

WhatsApp GO APK offers users multiple customize features that attract people to install it. The amazing matter is that this app can be modified using different new elements. So, it transforms into a new and different look than the official WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp GO APK is a 100% free app to connect and communicate with people all over the world. You find a virtual world to reach your friends and family always. There is no need to go physically frequently. As a result, people install it for their convenience.

WhatsApp GO is a WhatsApp Mod that offers users more control over their WhatsApp functions. This free mod of WhatsApp allows users to control their privacy. They can hide the second tick, blue ticks, online status, view status, and more. Also, they will have more control over the messages they send or receive. In addition, this altered WhatsApp has increased the limits for file sharing. Users can now share large files and more files at once.

So, that was all about WhatsApp GO. It is a free alter WhatsApp that offers privacy controls to the user. Also, it lets you control the messages you send or receive. You will also get a lot of customization options to make your WhatsApp interface look the way you like. You can hide chats, and lock your WhatsApp, so no one can access it. Additionally, there are many features that you can use to have a better experience on WhatsApp. So, download the App from this website and have a better and unique experience with WhatsApp for free.


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