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Ian Costin
Ian Costin

His Dark Materials 3x1

The one who called himself the Almighty, the Creator, is just an angel who rules with a dark angel by his side. The angels who fought for truth were cast out of Heaven and have lived between the worlds ever since, waiting for vengeance.

His Dark Materials 3x1

MacPhail and Gomez meet privately. MacPhail explains that Fra Pavel's alethiometer has prophesied darkness threatening to overtake the world, which has led MacPhail to Geneva. It is the girl Eve, the cause of all sin, and if the serpent tempts the girl, sin and dust will triumph.

In a 100x100-tile grid based area around a Resistance Truck, the player can build their base using crafting materials. They can build things like walls, guard towers, crafting stations and pillboxes, which function as automatic defense turrets.

Buildings can be placed from the building menu and dismantled or repaired from the context menu that is opened by walking up to the building and pressing the same key that the building menu is bound to. Dismantling a building that is on full health will return all of the materials used to build it. As the building takes damage, the repair cost gradually increases and the dismantling reward decreases. Buildings cannot be moved, they have to be dismantled and built in a different location.

Base Building requires, among the common crafting materials, like metal and aluminium, two crafting materials that were added with the Resistance update and that can be hard to get: Wood and Electrolytes. 041b061a72


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