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Where and why should you wear your wedding rings?

What do you wear with the wedding and engagement rings prior to and after the wedding ceremony? Here are the answers to all your questions, ranging from customs and beliefs.

Test them out and see what you think! After describing how to choose the wedding ring for your proposal this guide will help you figure out how to wear it prior to, after, and even during the wedding. It also contains interesting facts about the history of these beliefs and customs.

1. What to wear with your Couple Jewelry Sets

The wedding ring should be placed on the ring finger because, according to an old belief, it has an artery that connects directly to the heart. This is a method to confer on this jewel the task of guiding emotions towards the heart and guaranteeing happiness. In Italy, the ring is worn on the left hand. However in other countries, such as Spain and Greece it is worn on the right hand. It is believed that wearing a wedding ring prior to the wedding can bring bad luck to each country.

2. Where to put an engagement ring

Do you prefer either a diamond or an emerald? Make sure to wear your engagement ring on your left hand until you are married, regardless of the stone you pick. It should be moved to the left hand on the morning of your infamous "Yes, I Do" to make it easier. The engagement ring shouldn't be purchased along with the wedding ring as it can bring bad luck.

3. What happens following the wedding?

After the date that was fateful the two diamonds that symbolize your unbreakable bond can be positioned together on the ring fingers of your left hand. Except for these five occasions, when it is better to take them off.

You can find the perfect ring by going to the nearest suppliers.

What better way to mark the wedding than with official engagement wishes. Find 40 of the most gorgeous and exciting engagement wishes that best express your joy for this joyful celebration.

This list of phrases to use for an official engagement card begins with a few classic phrases. These phrases are simple to use, no matter if you've been friends for a long time or you've just have met them. You can use the phrases listed in the following paragraphs, or you can include a personal message on the card.

It isn't important if they're written or spoken or if you choose to use words for vows to your wedding the most important thing is that the gesture is spontaneous and reflects your heart.


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