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Knoll Light Factory Serial

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Knoll Light Factory Serial


The tourists who pour off cruise ships for a day of sightseeing in Helsingfors-Helsinki will be marched past Carl Ludwig Engel's edifices on the Market Place and Senate Square (and Walter Runeberg's statue of Alexander II), a section quaintly called "the Old Town" in their brochures. (Upenski Cathedral, generously funded by Alexander, looms behind them on its knoll.) Perhaps they will feel some vague sympathy for doughty Finland, burdened by an extended century (1809-1917) of Russian rule. Then they will be bussed to Tolo-Toolo to see wonders from the 1960's, Ella Hiltunen's Sibelius monument--its many pipes called a plumber's nightmare by local wits--and the "Church in the Rock" or the Temple Church, carved out of Finnish granite by the firm of T. and T. Suomalainen. Shuttled southward again for a stop at the National Museum, they will behold effigies of the nineteen Finno-Ugric peoples, amidst oval doorways, reproducing the architecture of a mythic Karelian past. In all probability, they will not be ushered across Mannerheimvagen-Mannerheimintie to the City Museum, formerly Villa Hagasund (designed by Engel's successor, another German, E.B. Lohrmann), where dwelt Aurora Karamzin, "the most beautiful woman in Finland." She was the serial widow of the sickly Russian millionaire, Paul Demidov, and the dashing Captain Andrej Karamzin (son of the great historian), slaughtered with his entire troop by the Turks in the Crimean War, a savage episode prefiguring the fate of Custer at the Little Big Horn. Like her elder brother, Emil Stjernvall-Walleen (a confidant of Alexander II), Aurora warrants her sizable article in BlF 2: the siblings "belonged to the immediate circle of the imperial family in St. Petersburg." 350c69d7ab


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